In my mission to Make the World More Adorable I've decided that henceforth each Monday will be know at ListaLu HQ as Cute Onesie Monday. In other words, I will go out and round up some of the cutest baby clothes out there right now... things that coincidentally would be fantastic editions to a future baby clothes quilt! ;)

In honor of the newly released Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, I've got a few adorable Star War onesies to share.

 Star Wars Onesie - I am a Jedi like my father before me

"I am a father, like my Jedi before me" - Seriously though, it's adorable onesies like this that make think about having another kiddo! But a teenager + a newborn... nope.

 Storm Pooper Onesie Star Wars

"Storm Pooper" - Perfect for your own little pooper! Also available in black, because dressing a baby in white is like the ultimate jinx.

"Future Jedi" -  Classic! And available in tons of colors. This would be so cute on a quilt!


"Come to the dark side... we have cookies" - I'm in! Unless they are oatmeal raisin.

Too Cute Am I Yoda Baby Onesie


"Too cute I am" - Perfect for your own little Yoda. And really, isn't every scrunchy, squishy new baby a tiny little Yoda??

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Star Wars Baby Onesies