While I'm busy sewing away my summer creating adorable baby clothes quilts (& helping all of you awesome ListaLu fans create your own!) my 8-year-old daughter Kalista is busy making slime!

slime recipes for kids

This is the official Summer of Slime. I don't know where it started or how it exploded, but the makers of glue, glitter and contact solution (honestly - who came up with this stuff?) must be rejoicing... I have never purchased so many gallons of glue in my life. Actually, I had never purchased a single gallon of glue in my life until this summer. 

It's actually an amazing and educational (and messy and addictive) science experiment - I'm still a little shocked that it works at all! Here is the basic recipe Kalista has been using:


She simply changes it up with food coloring and add-in like beads, glitter, sequins or really anything else she finds! She also changes things with the occasional clear/glitter flue purchase, but mama can't buy that in bulk so it's more of a treat. ;)

We've also experimented with a ton of fun recipes that I've collected over on my Pinterest board!


And of course I would be remiss to not mention Kalista's favorite slime-related YouTuber, Dr. Squish! Do yourself and your kids a favor & go watch... she not only makes slime, she find the coolest squishy toys and cuts them open to see what's inside. Who hasn't always wanted to do that??? Highly addictive!!


Finally, if you're like my household (or millions of other slime-crazed households around the world) you've lost a fair number of your plastic containers to batches of slime. We converted to using plastic zipper baggies, but what do you do when those run out in the middle of a massive slime making session? Well, if your dad is an ER nurse he might just happen to have a few of these lying around... I can see some Halloween party decor ideas coming together...

Slime Storage


The perfect EASY no-borax slime recipe base to start your experimenting! Plus a list of other fun slime recipes for kids! https://listalu.com/blogs/news/summer-of-slime-slime-recipes-for-kids