DIY Baby Clothes Quilt Kits - Complete How-To Course!

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Always wanted to create your own DIY baby clothes quilt? Unsure where to begin or what materials or pattern you need? Don't take chances - you only get one shot to make an amazing baby clothes memory quilt.

Get a DIY baby quilt kit with everything you need - materials, patterns, templates, 2 hours of video tutorials and more - to create your own baby clothes memory quilt at home and give yourself the confidence you need to turn those adorable clothes into a family heirloom. Or simply purchase instant access to the PDF eBook, downloadable templates & 2 hours of video tutorials and get started creating your baby clothes quilt today!

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Why Purchase a Baby Clothes Quilt Kit from ListaLu?

At ListaLu Handmade Memories, crafting family heirlooms is our passion. Through our sister business, Jelly Bean Quilts, we have created around 1,000 baby clothes quilts over the past decade. Due to popular demand - and a year-long waiting list for our custom memory quilts - we compiled all of that knowledge and experience into a comprehensive set of products designed to make it simple and straightforward to create a baby quilt at home, for a fraction of the cost of ordering a custom quilt.

In our kit - which is really a complete DIY course - we include our 70-page full-color book, complete with dozens of step-by-step pictures, as well as design and baby clothes quilt pattern options, cutting templates, access to video tutorials and more. All of your materials and notions are also included - you just need a sewing machine, an iron, and scissors! Don't let those memories hide in the back of your closet - it's time to create a DIY baby clothes quilt that you can use and cherish every day!

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