I designed my Create Your Own Baby Clothes Quilt pattern to be accessible to just about everyone with a sewing machine. I've classified it as a "Confident Beginner" pattern, which might sound a little bit vague, but I feel is best summed up with this awesome clip art:

Beginner Sewing Pattern

Clearly she knows her bobbin from her presser foot, she has created a few things from online tutorials, and she's not afraid to jump in & try things. But she's also a busy lady and doesn't have a ton of time for big, complicated projects, so she probably doesn't have a ton of quilting experience.

But if you're a less-than-confident beginner, here's a fantastic 4-part sewing tutorial to get you started!





If you're a seasoned quilt, don't worry - there are plenty of design options to suit your desires for a more complicated pattern! And I think you will find that quilting with baby knits and other apparel fabrics is different enough from regular quilting that the book will prove extremely valuable - it really is it's own genre of quilting!