Fusi-Knit Fusible Knit Interfacing - 3.5 YARD BUNDLE - for Baby Clothes & T-Shirt Quilts

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If you're creating a quilt made out of knit clothing, like t-shirts or baby clothes, you NEED to use fusible knit interfacing! It will stabilize your knits while you sew, giving you crisp, smooth seams while still maintaining the hand and drape of your knit fabric.

Other types of interfacing make knits feel hard and rigid, and they won't provide the same results. This is the good stuff, people!!

This is sold in 3.5 yard bundles, the same quantity that comes in my baby clothes quilt kits. This amount should be enough for a  finished 36x36 baby clothes quilt.

White, 20" wide. 100% Poly